Christmas Day At Bondi Beach
A typical Christmas at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia



Summer Christmas In Australia

In the Southern Hemisphere
We'll celebrate under the sun
There'll be no snow down here

The kids arise with starry eyes
The presents 'round the tree
Excitement on their faces
Oh! What a joy to see

Breakfast time it's ham and eggs
Traditional morning meal
Good on you mum, oh! What a feeling
How do you feel?

We all get dressed in Sunday best
It's time to go and visit
A little burp and my three year old
Says "that's not manners, is it?"

We pack our bags with Aerogard
Our block out and acubra
We're off to see the Grandparents
Who live up at Maroubra

The sun the surf and beach brolly
And the esky will not fail 'ya
Spend Christmas Day out in the sun
With your family in Australia!.

Merry Christmas Everybody


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