My Online Web Friends

I have met many new friends,
While sittin' at this ol' PC;
I know I'll never see them all,
But that's alright with me.

We share cartoons, jokes, and stories,
And often poems that rhyme;
But many messages just say Hello,
And, believe me, those are the best kind!

These friends are scattered far and near,
Across this great land of ours;
Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, too,
But they sure have funny hours!

Those messages mean so much to me,
Probably more than you'll ever know;
They help me make it through the day,
When I can't get out and go!

So see my friend, when you write to me,
Even if it's just a Hello or Hi;
I know someone has thought of me,
And I get higher than the sky!

So each new page that I create,
Really means Thanks, from me to you;
In hopes that I can brighten YOUR day,
And maybe bring a smile or two.

The day will come, this I know,
When all of this will have to end;
But until that time does come,
Please know I am proud to call you

My Friend!


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