It's Mother's Day!

Mother is a word called love,
and all the world is mindful of
the love that's given and shown to others
is different from the love of mothers.

For mothers play the leading roles
in giving birth to little souls,
for though "small souls" are heaven-sent
and we realize they're only lent,
it takes a mother's loving hands
and her gentle heart that understands
to mold and shape this little life
and shelter it through storm and strife.

No other love than mother love
could do the things required of
the one to whom God gives the keeping
of His wee lambs, awake or sleeping.

So mothers are a "special race"
God sent to earth to take His place,
And mother is a lovely name
that even saints are proud to claim.

by Helen Steiner Rice

Have A Very Relaxing
Mother's Day!

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