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My Mailing List Provider informs me each time I send out a Newsletter as to which email can't be forwarded and they automatically remove it from the mailing list. More importantly, because I use their free services I am only entitled to 1000 emails a month which means I can only sent out one or two a month.

Therefore, if you enjoy using my pages when the occasion arises, could you forward my Newsletters on to the friends in your address book. This would help me with the circulation of my Newsletters.

Also with the amount of email that is circulating these days and the limits allowed to various email boxes due to their security systems, it is essential that people clear their boxes on a daily basis if possible, otherwise Mailing List Providers will automatically remove these addresses from the Mailing List handled by them.

However, you are always welcome to resubscribe again should this have happened to you.


This is automatically shown at the base of all Newsletters sent out via my Mailing List Provider to cater for the various Computer Systems.

SUGGESTION: Always add My Site Map to your Favorites/Bookmark. My Website consists of many Selections but all are linked via the Site Map. Some Computer Servers may need to set out their email addresses differently.

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