Mother's Day Selection of Greeting Cards


Mother's Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Most countries celebrate the special occasion of Mother's Day on the second Sunday in the month of May. This particular day was declared as the official day for Mother's Day celebrations by US President Woodrow Wilson by signing a Joint Resolution on May 8, 1914.

This tradition of honoring mothers and paying them tribute on the second Sunday in the month of May spread to many countries across the globe. Various countries adopted this date to celebrate Mothers Day.




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SPECIAL NOTE: ".....Because my Mother's Day designs are sent online to family and/or friends, I have only used general style verses. If you wish to send a more personal message, please add your own additional words to the email attached to the design you have selected....."

Happy Mother's Day
With Love!

Remembering Mom/Mum!

Beauty In Red!


Yours Truly!

Words From My Heart!

Mother's Helper
With Love!


To A Truly
Wonderful Person!

Humor - Special Mother's Day Joke!

Humor - Not All Women Are Fools !


Humor - A Hug Certificate For You!

Humor - Maxine's Mother's Day!


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